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Professional Development & Training

Let's work together to reach your goals

Improving Productivity & Optimizing Time

Busy is the New Stupid

This professional development training has been delivered 180+ times from coast to coast. It teaches your team to ‘see’ their work every day very differently. Professionals are technical experts in their fields; they know how to do surgery, teach, weld, or draft legal briefs. It’s what they are good at. Most professionals, however, are not trained in operational efficiency and improvement. Therefore, they waste precious hours daily and weekly on non-value-added work. 

We have created a society that judges people based on how busy they are versus how productive they are, which drives the wrong behaviours in our workplaces. Our training teaches how to identify and eliminate non-value-added work so time and energy can be spent on what truly matters. 

Help Your Team Reach Its Full Potential

Inspiring & Motivating Teams

At the heart of every successful business is a strong team. Whether it's an operating room, a school, or a marketing department, individuals working together towards a common goal can achieve far more than they ever could alone. But keeping a team motivated and engaged can be a challenge. How do you inspire individuals to show up every day and give their best effort? And how do you keep a team on track when progress is hard to measure? 

Absenteeism and presenteeism (showing up but not working) can both be major issues for businesses. That's why understanding what motivates employees is so critical to increasing productivity and delivering value to customers. 

This training workshop draws on learnings and examples from high-performing teams in sports, business, and other fields to help your team thrive. You'll learn how to motivate and engage employees without resorting to cake and pizza parties and discover daily management techniques that can enhance team performance. Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, this is designed to help your team reach its full potential.

4 Days + Weekly Coaching Over 4 Weeks

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training

This four-day training session on Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement is designed to help your team understand the nuances between functional and process-focused organizations. We guide your team through the process of mapping out any process in your organization with a focus on identifying areas of improvement. Your team will also learn about various forms of process waste and how to minimize and eliminate them for more efficient processes.

During the workshop, participants will choose a process that requires improvement and learn how to implement the DMAIC process improvement methodology to pinpoint and remove non-value-added steps, creating a more effective process with measurable results. Attendees will also receive coaching to successfully complete their projects.

Other training sessions include:

  • Managing Remote Teams

  • Analyzing & Improving Your Processes

  • Employee Retention Through Continuous Improvement

  • Facilitation Training

  • Customized Training Programs are also available!

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