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Jennifer DeWare is the driving force behind Visualiiz Management Consulting.

She is a seasoned facilitator and dynamic public speaker with a remarkable 19-year track record in spearheading transformative change within knowledge-intensive sectors, particularly healthcare. Drawing from her 12-year public sector tenure, Jen can uniquely uncover hidden, often overlooked improvement opportunities.


Jennifer’s vibrant personality and her deliberate and bold approach make her a valuable asset in helping various organizations visualize complex problems and formulate creative solutions. She boasts a Process Mastery Certification from Boston’s prestigious Hammer & Co. program and holds the esteemed title of Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. In her previous role as the Regional Lead of Process Improvement for Horizon Health, she was crucial in implementing formal management systems and process improvement initiatives, all of which are easily transferable and applicable to any business organization, regardless of industry.


Jennifer is a highly dedicated professional who goes above and beyond for her clients. She truly cares about their success and works tirelessly to help them achieve their goals. Her commitment to building authentic relationships with her clients is what sets her apart from others in her field. Her passion for facilitating growth and organizational transformation is evident in everything she does, and she has a unique talent for getting to know her clients well. 

Working together

Our Partners

Jennifer collaborates with a network of exceptionally talented individuals, each contributing their unique expertise and extensive experience to enhance the value Visualiiz delivers to our clients. 

Headshot of Carolyn Watson

Carolyn Watson

Watson HR Consulting

Carolyn is fueled by her passion for human resources and is the founder and visionary behind Watson HR Consulting. During her studies in psychology at the University of Moncton, she discovered her true calling in human resources, which led her to Toronto to complete Human Resources Management at Seneca College. Carolyn then gained valuable HR experience while working for prominent organizations in Toronto and New Brunswick. Over time, she developed a deep interest in HR consulting and individual coaching and decided to establish her own company in 2016, leveraging her expertise to serve others across Canada. With a friendly and bilingual approach, Carolyn guides managers and employees through strategic HR consultation, offering personalized services designed to empower leaders, inspire employee performance, and provide valuable tools for success.

Headshot of Nancy Foran

Nancy Foran

President & Founder, ESG Partners Inc.

Nancy brings over two decades of professional and executive experience to ESG Partners where she supports companies, government and investors in their integration of sustainability into strategy. She has extensive local and international experience, and has worked with start-ups through to multinational organizations, investors, government and regulators, and has navigated regional, national and international complex, multi-stakeholder environments.  Nancy is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), a Fellow of the profession (FCPA), and a Chartered Director (C. Dir.). She is also educated in the leading sustainability standards and frameworks including the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the climate-focused TCFD, and a “FSA Credential Level 2 candidate in ESG” with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB). Nancy believes strongly in giving back to the communities where she lives and works and sits on local and international boards, the Halifax, Nova Scotia’s Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and the Audit and Risk Committee, the accounting bodies for Asia Pacific and the Caribbean, and Chairs the Sobey School of Business (Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, NS) Advisory Board. She also provides mentorship and guidance to new and emerging businesses and their leaders.

Headshot of Jessica Brennan

Jessica Brennan

Change Management Consultant

Jessica is a passionate advocate for change management, dedicating the past ten years to creating positive transformations in various sectors. With a unique blend of expertise in psychology, culture, process, and business, she is driven to make a difference. From leading multi-million dollar projects in New Brunswick to empowering tech start-ups in Morocco and Togo, Jessica's diverse experiences have shaped her understanding of change for good. Her remarkable work was recognized in 2018 when she received the esteemed Canadian Red Cross Young Humanitarian Award.

Headshot of Emily Brennan

Emily Brennan

Marketing Strategy Consultant

With over 14 years of professional experience, Emily Brennan is a seasoned marketing strategist known for her content creation and marketing strategy expertise. Her forte is crafting compelling, results-oriented content that spans diverse channels, ensuring her clients position themselves strategically in the market to achieve optimal outcomes. Emily's approach is characterized by meticulous research and a profound understanding of her client's unique needs, allowing her to develop content and strategies that captivate audiences and drive businesses toward their objectives. She has successfully collaborated with clients across various industries, including software technology, real estate, tourism, human resources, manufacturing, and mining. Emily's educational background includes a Master's in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing from ACU National in Sydney, Australia, as well as a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Psychology and Criminology from St. Thomas University. Her academic knowledge and extensive industry experience make her a trusted partner for clients seeking strategic marketing excellence.

Headshot of Jason Sirois

Jason Sirois

President & Founder, Altitude Progrès Organisationnel

Jason is an industrial engineering graduate from the University of Moncton. He has been building his career in the field of organizational improvement for fifteen years. After three years of working on process improvement with the Irving Group, he assumed the role of General Manager at a construction company for over four years, where the organization doubled its productivity, revenue, and workforce. Jason spent the next three years as a consultant in change management, strategic management, and process improvement. Experiencing significant successes in service and education sectors, he realized that formal management concepts apply across various types of organizations. Consequently, he founded Altitude Organizational Progress, his own business improvement group. Over the past six years, Jason has been assisting different leaders in Atlantic Canada to enhance their strategic management processes and numerous work teams in continuous improvement. One of the shared successes has been implementing the principles of lean manufacturing in organizations with processes less traditional than manufacturing.

Headshot of Tim McEwen

Tim McEwen

President & Founder of Wavez Consulting

Tim is a Master Black Belt in Lean-Sigma with over 30 years of direct hands-on experience training, coaching, and developing people in the application of strategy development and execution using recognized best practices in formal management and productivity methods and tools. He has led, trained or coached on over 1200 projects at more than 120 sites or businesses, within a wide diverse group of industries. Tim was employed at The Boeing Company for over 10 years where he learned Business Management Best Practices and became competent in “Lean Thinking” from top consultants globally out of Japan and the United States. He held senior positions within Boeing Canada and had responsibility for Business Management which included Strategic/Business Planning for the Winnipeg Division. He then joined J.D.Irving Ltd for over 13 years where he led the organization’s Business Improvement Program from its early years in 2003 through to 2013, by which point over 700 Yellow/Green and Black Belts had been trained and developed to improve performance within the Business Units / Divisions. Tim founded Wavez Consulting in 2018 to bring his focus on fewer clients, delivering a premium level of service for companies & organizations based in Atlantic Canada. His passion is working with people to create successes that carry them to a brighter future financially and culturally, helping create prosperity and jobs, organization by organization.

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