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Consulting & Facilitation Services

Let's work together to reach your goals

Process Improvement Services

Unlocking efficiency across your organization

Enterprise Value Stream Mapping

Many organizations evolve into functional silos over time, leading to inefficiencies and waste in critical value-producing processes. Value is generated horizontally across various staff and departmental groups. Our Enterprise Value Stream Mapping (EVSM) service, also called a Process Effectiveness Assessment, offers a comprehensive view of your organization's value streams, from service request to delivery.

We meticulously map your processes and identify areas of waste and opportunities for improvement. By the end of the EVSM process, you'll have a prioritized list of processes needing enhancement and immediate "just do it" actions for quick and effective improvements.

Empower Your Team with Efficient Daily Huddles

Daily Management for Improvement

Daily Management is a powerful tool for any team seeking continuous improvement. In just two days, we'll train your team to conduct efficient daily huddles, each lasting just 5-7 minutes in the morning and evening. These huddles keep your team on track and working efficiently, eliminating the need for lengthy meetings.

We'll also implement a visual management board, ensuring your team always knows the daily plan and performance metrics, all while reducing interruptions and increasing time spent on value-added work.

A Structured Approach to Process Enhancement

DMAIC Process Improvement Projects

Once the highest-priority process needing improvement is identified, often through an Enterprise Value Stream Mapping exercise, it's time to embark on a project. Our DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) Process Improvement service incorporates the Lean Six Sigma Improvement Methodology with the DMAIC framework to guide your selected team through the project phases.

We help you define project objectives, create a change plan, map out processes, and identify areas of waste and non-value-added effort. Improvement opportunities are implemented, and daily management practices are implemented to sustain the improvements and pave the way for future enhancements.

Change Management Services

Navigating Change Together

Effectively Leading Change with Teams

Distinguishing between Change Management and Leading Change is crucial in today's dynamic business landscape. While Change Management comes into play after a decision is made, Leading Change involves a proactive approach where teams collaboratively understand the problem and actively craft the best solutions. To inspire buy-in from your employees, they must grasp the 'why' behind the change. Mere directives like "because we said so" or "because leadership decided" often fall short.

At Visualiiz, we specialize in assisting organizations with Leading Change, regardless of their organizational level. Failed changes, which unfortunately comprise the majority, result in wasted time and resources. We offer training in the most effective change strategies and guide you in creating a comprehensive Leading Change plan, significantly increasing your chances of success.

Organizational Effectiveness Services

Guidance for Operational Improvements

Strategic Improvement Alignment & Coaching

Tired of constantly working IN your business without making substantial progress? We all work IN the business, but not enough of us work ON the business. Our strategic improvement sessions are here to help. 

Rather than just aligning your team with a 3-to-5-year vision, we focus on identifying and improving key processes within the next 90 days to achieve your long-term goals. By developing a change agenda that incorporates operational goals with necessary improvements, we help you stay ahead of the competition. Our strategic improvement process also includes a meeting calendar and agendas to ensure that improvement work remains a top priority. Don't just focus on daily goals and priorities; let us help you identify what needs to improve to make everything else easier.

Facilitation Services

Facilitation Services Tailored to Your Business Needs

Guiding Organizations Through Effective Collaboration

Are you looking for a seasoned facilitator who can help your team with strategic planning, collaboration, communication, and more? If so, Jen Deware has the expertise and experience to get you there. 

Jennifer will work closely with your team to align your goals, identify opportunities, and develop actionable plans for success. Jennifer goes beyond the ordinary with her facilitation skill set. She gets your team to dive deep with honesty and integrity. Often, the sessions Jennifer facilitates result in the realization of issues that were never seen before with real outcomes of collaboration, synergy, and enhanced productivity. 

Project Management Services

Dedicated to Ensuring You Successfully Reach Your Objectives

Simplify and Optimize Your Projects

Our Project Management services are tailored to simplify and optimize the execution of your projects, ensuring the successful completion of your objectives. We make use of proven methodologies to plan, organize, and manage project activities with precision. 

For instance, we collaborate with you to carefully plan every aspect of your project, from initiation to closure, using a structured approach that includes launch, planning, execution, control, and closing phases. We efficiently organize and allocate resources to maximize productivity and meet predetermined project parameters, and we provide timely and concise reports to keep all stakeholders informed about the project's progress.

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