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Optimize Your Productivity with Visualiiz

We specialize in organizational effectiveness, process improvement, and change management - all with the goal of making sure your business operates at its full potential.


Time is precious in business; don't waste it on inefficiencies.

Inefficient processes can lead to disengaged employees and frustration. Visualiiz helps to bring excitement and energy to work and boost employee engagement.

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At Visualiiz, we’re all about improving organizational productivity!

Our mission is to help you unveil and eliminate hidden waste with our bold, energetic, no-nonsense approach. We provide practical solutions that optimize your time and elevate productivity and efficiency. 

19+ years of spearheading transformative change

Jennifer DeWare is the driving force behind Visualiiz Management Consulting. Her unique approach challenges the status quo and uncovers hidden improvement opportunities. She has worked with diverse businesses in private and public sectors, knowledge and service sectors, manufacturing, and not-for-profit organizations. Jennifer's bold humour and professional approach make her a valuable asset to any organization looking to achieve its full potential.

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Work with experts

We specialize in organizational effectiveness, process improvement, and change management, ensuring that your business operates at its peak potential.

Professional Development Training
Facilitation & Consulting Services

Elevate your team’s skills and empower their growth through our targeted professional development training workshops.

Gain clarity with our expert guidance in process improvement, change management, and organizational effectiveness.

Presentation & Public Speaking

Gain personal and professional growth insights by inviting Jennifer to be a captivating guest speaker at your next event.

We empower our clients to see their work from fresh perspectives. Here’s what some of our clients have shared about their experiences with us:

Jen established her reputation as a leader in driving organizational change and a woman of influence. She is well respected and seen as an expert in her field, which continues to grow and flourish throughout her career while nurturing and developing those around her.

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Kelly Arnold

— Director, Strategic Projects Platform Technology, IGT

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